Port of HaminaKotka opening hours on Friday 18th September 2015

Gates are normally open in all HaminaKotka harbours on Friday 18th September 2015.
Port of HaminaKotka Ltd serves normally and according to normal opening hours.
Some of the companies located in port area have service distractions, some of them may have distractions even until 6:00 am Saturday (19th September) morning.
Visitors entering HaminaKotka port area are adviced to inquire service hours directly from their contact company.

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

Controlled explosions on Pohjolan Voima demolition site in Mussalo May 28 2015

Pohjolan Voima will carry out controlled explosions on the demolition site in Mussalo today on the 28th of May.
The explosions will not cause any special arrangements or danger.

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

Containerships starts new line from Kotka

Containerships starts new St Petersburg-Kotka-Lübeck -line in May.
Link to information bulletin here.

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

Port of HaminaKotka newsletter 1/2015


The Newsletter 1/2015 of port of HaminaKotka has been published.
Below the links to the Finnish, English and Russian issues.

Newsletter 1/2015 in Finnish

Newsletter 1/2015 in English

Newsletter 1/2015 in Russian